My path to total knee replacement

Hello family & friends,

I have decided that I  need to write about the upcoming knee replacement so that I can become clearer about what I am doing and so I can share my experience with anyone who might be considering a knee replacement.  That being said, I do not have an appointment for my surgery as of yet because I want to lose some weight (which is proving to be a challenge at my age!) and I want to make sure that I understand everything I can about knee surgery before actually having the knee replacement done.  I want to know all the nitty gritty details!

So, a little history…. I am 60 years old and living in a rural mountain area of NC.  We have five kids and six grand-kids who do not (unfortunately) live close to us… they are scattered as far as San Antonio TX!  Anyway, my husband and I also have a small dog who has had her own health problems over the last few months.

My knee problems began 5 or 6 years ago.  I was going into a rental office to pick up a key so we could do some electrical work in the unit.  I forgot about a small step-down to the manager’s office so when I stepped down I stumbled and somehow or another I tore my meniscus.  That was the beginning of my knee problems…… after that incident, it seems like every time I turned around I was stepping wrong and making my knee problems that much worse.

Over the years I have gone to an orthopedic doctor regarding my knee and I even did physical therapy for a spell (which did not help me at all) but, I know that it is inevitable that I will end up with knee replacements one day and this blog is all about the journey. Come along with me and if you have any thoughts, help, suggestions, or experiences please don’t hesitate to share….